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I create artwork mostly from what resonates with me at the time. However, I understand that sometimes collectors have specific ideas for their artwork needs and I am happy to consider commission requests that have been inspired by my artwork. 

In order to consider any commission requests, please think of the size of the artwork that you have in mind. Please also reference one or two of my previously created artworks for me to understand the style and medium that you like. A place best to look for my previous works is on my instagram @artbymarishanson or also my Pinterest account Art by Maris Hanson (links to both are on the contact page). A photo of where you would place the artwork is helpful as it allows me to consider the area, it’s surroundings and other elements already there. 

We can then discuss your expectations and whether creating a commission artwork is the best option.


For any wholesale enquiries of my artwork, please contact me via contact options on my website. 


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