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  • Are all artworks originals?
    I offer a mixture of artworks. Some are originals, one of a kind paintings, and some are prints (reproduction of my original artwork). Where it is an original artwork, it is clearly noted in the description. Where prints are available as well, these are usually listed separately. Some artworks come only as prints. This is because the original has already been sold.
  • Can I order a commission artwork?
    Yes, it might be possible. Please refer to a link at the bottom of the contact page which will take you to a dedicated section setting out where commission might be possible and what the process usually involves.
  • Where do you ship?
    I can ship globally in most cases. UK shipping cost is Free for order value of £20 or more. International Shipping to EU countries is £10, Free for orders over £300 International Shipping to Rest of the Europe, US and other destinations is £15 Large artworks are subject to pre-agreed shipping charges which will be expressly agreed with the collector. If this is the case, then this will be noted under the artwork listing. Local taxes for international orders are not included and may become payable depending on the destination. These would be the responsibility of the buyer in the local country.
  • Do you offer prints in different sizes?
    Yes, I do most of the time. All available print size options are displayed on the page for the specific artwork using the dropdown menu.
  • Why are some prints more expensive than some original paintings?
    Some prints are with higher cost due to the cost of printing them in a larger size. This may mean that compared to the smaller original painting, the cost of a larger print ends up being higher.
  • What is a Giclee print?
    Giclee print is a type of printing method used for fine art reproductions. Giclee is a French term meaning “to spray”, referring to how an inkjet printer works and how giclee prints are usually produced. This method both matches color and applies ink precisely, resulting in a high-quality print of the original artwork. All my prints are made by specialist art studios and printed on the highest quality art paper to match the original artwork as closely as possible.
  • Are artworks sold framed?
    Most of the artworks sold are unframed. This is for several reasons, including the freedom for my collectors to choose exactly the size, type and colour of frame that would complement their interior. I am however happy to offer my suggestion for the type of frame that I envision with my particular artwork, including considering where you wish for it to be displayed. Some of my artworks sold have soft white mount included. This is then clearly detailed on the listing for a specific artwork, including measurements of the mount.
  • What is a mount?
    Mount (sometimes called a 'mat') is a backing or setting on which a work of art is set for display. Mount is most of the time white in colour to give the artwork some clean borders which is then placed in a frame. I recommend most of my artwork to be framed with a mount. Some artwork is sold with a soft white mount. If this is the case, the mount details and it's size is clearly detailed as part of the listing information.
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