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In 2019, the unimaginable happened when we had to say goodbye to our 2 year old son Frank who died suffering from a very rare type of leukemia. This really changed my attitude to life. I went on a journey to search for myself on a much deeper level, reaching out for books that had a meaning in the past and finding other gentle ways to deal with this enormous  loss. From poetry to art, to actively participating in fundraising activities, the energy and inspiration coming from the thoughts of my son, I hope to build a legacy for him. Therefore, I am committed in finding ways to support and making donations from part of my profits to research into the rare type of paediatric T-cell leukemia that Frank had. 

If you would like to directly support Frank’s Funds you can do so through these links. 

My fundraising page in memory of my son Frank for UCL T-ALL research:


My fundraising page in memory of my son Frank for GOSH leukemia research:

Every contribution, however big or small, will help and I am incredibly thankful for the support that we have already received which we hope will help other families in the same journey with a brighter future.

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