My artworks are made using various different mediums - including watercolour, ink and soft pastel on paper but also acrylics and oil both on paper and other surfaces.

Collection of artworks share the same or similar source of inspiration. It can be memories or places that I have visited or simply something that deeply resonates. That inspiration or vision I get then dictates the medium that I will use.

The Blue Collection in 2021 is inspired by my daily meditations. Centering blue pigments which resulted in this earthy yet ethereal contemporary abstract landscapes series, they are infused with calming energy to create a tranquil mind. 

When I painted the collection called ‘Quiet Reflections’, some words and rhymes started to play in my mind. A poem can be seen on any page of the artwork that features a painting from this collection. 

My love for fabrics and texture from fine materials like silk, velvet & linen is the inspiration for my canvas collage art. Paintings created in that style are perfect companions for any modern interiors. They make also a perfect way to create an abstract family portrait, infused within an imaginary landscape. These artworks are usually available to view on my Instagram @artbymarishanson as they are mostly commissioned individually and therefore already sold. Commission enquiries welcome.