Original Watercolour Painting & Giclee Fine Art Prints


This collection of 7 paintings is called 'Quiet Reflections'.


When painting these recent watercolour paintings, some rhymes started to play in my mind. Painting for me is a form of deep meditation, something that really goes through my core.  


Quiet Reflections


There's nothing still about stillness,

everything moves with our moods; 

it's purely escape from this madness,

to bring back calm and again feel good.


Life throw us tantrums to deal with,

how well we can put up with this storm?

take your time and quietly sit,

remember, you always create your own norm.


Perfection is only an illusion, 

surrounding us day by day;

save yourself from such deception and confusion,

as perfect moments within us always stay.


Maris Hanson (Nov 2020)



You have an amazing opportunity to own this artwork either as original painting size 6x4 inch (if still available) or by way of a fine art print printed on an archival quality textured watercolour paper and using the highest quality printing method known as Giclee printing. All prints are made to order for each collector after order is placed.


See different options available for print size. All listed print sizes include a white border of approx 2-3cm (approx 1inch) by default within the print size. The actual measurement may vary to accommodate different ratios of the actual artwork. 


Frame or mount is not included. 


The print will be shipped in a tube or flat envelope/box, packaged and protected in accordance with best practice used by the art industry.



Quiet Reflections - Blue I