like a light in the sky, reflection on the sea,

in open spaces, the freedom, it’s what you are meant to feel.


deep thoughts will surface from the depth of your imagination,

with spiritual wisdom, trust your instincts and intuition.


all the symbols you can see, are the cornerstones of faith in you,

intelligence and sincerety - that’s the meaning of indigo blue.



Indigo is considered the king of the colour palette and has a rich history with how the pigment was discovered. It remains a mystery how few people discovered the process of extracting this blue pigment pretty much at the same time in various parts of the world. This rich pigment has deep meanings and spiritual significance to many, including myself. Blue colour in general is one of my favourites and in recent years I feel a very strong pull toward dark, navy, midnight shade blue in particular. 


This collection is inspired by those deeper meanings that the indigo pigment holds and is expressed in 11 abstract paintings on paper. My admiration for Japanese calligraphy and abstract art influenced my exclusive use for hake brushes only for this indigo series.

I hope you will find your favourite.